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23.04.11 Vitorio Rossi Princess CW,JCAC, JBOB, JBIS-3 !!! Congratulations to owner Tatiana!

17.04.11 On the International Dog Show in Belgium Vitorio Rossi Lottas -CW,CAC,CACIB, BOB, BIG-2!!! Congratulations to owners Carla and Frits!!!!!!

09.04.11 On International Dog Show Vitorio Rossi Siama - Best puppy in breed, best in show-2! Congratulations to owner Elena!!!!

03/04/11 in Lipeck Vitorio Rossi Only Ovations -JCAC, JBOB, BOB / Congratulations to owner Alena!!!!

26.03.11 On the "Eurasia" dog show in Moskov Ange De Soleil Beilis -3 place in champion class!

19/03/2011on the Interational Dog Show in Litva Ange De Soleil Beilis -CAC, CACIB, BOB and become INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, LITVA CHAMPION

Beautiful news from my poms

Vitorio Rossi Siama best baby in breed, best baby in show in Bischkek!!! Congratulation to owner Alena!!!
Vitorio Rossi Simona Best baby in breed in Kaliningrad !!! Congratulations to owner Olga!
Vitorio Rossi Lottas in Amsterdam BOB, BIG-2 !!!! Congratulations to owner Carla and Frits!!!!!


30.05.10 Giessen (Germany ) on CACIB show Vitorio Rossi Lasvegas won in youngklass V1 and get CAC form Germanclub and from spitzclub (VDH JCAC and JCAC ) , he was the best young spitz on the show. Congratulations to owner Margareta Brzek!!!

New photo Chriscendo Call Me Romeo

16.05.10!!! New Vitorio Rossi Champion !!!! Vitorio Rossi Eldorado in 2 dog shows in Moscow!!!! 2 CW, 2CAC, 2BOS, 2BOB - become Russian Champion!!! Many congratulations to owner Svetlana Siachneva!

02.05.10 At the largest international show CACIB in Sofia (BULGARIA) Vitorio Rossi Dinastija - CW,CAC,CACIB, BOS Congratulations my dear friends Inesa Lehmann

04.04.10 At the largest international show CACIB in Paris (France) Vitorio Rossi Lanvin - very promising, Best puppy female, Best puppy! Congratulations my dear friends Carla and Fritz (Petit poms) with excellent result Lanvin!!

28.03.2010 The bigest international dog show " EURASIA-2010" took place in Moscow. Our pomeranian male Chriscendo Call Me Romeo got 2 excellent, RCAC from 11 competitors and became Russian Champion.SUPER RESULT!!!!

13-14.03.10 CACIB FCI in Lithuania - Chriscendo Call Me Romeo - 2CW,2 CAC, RCACIB - Ch. Lithuania

06.03.10 CACIB FCI in Minsk judje ANDRZEJ SZUTKIEWICZ (Poland)

Chriscendo Call Me Romeo -Cw, CAC,BOS,CACIB,BOB

Ange De Soleil Beilis - CW, CAC, RCACIB

05.02.10 CACIB FCI in Moldova judje Espen Eng (Norway)

Ange De Soleil Beilis -CW, CAC. CACIB, BOB- Chempion of Moldova

Kamis Vitorio Rossi - CW, cac, JBOB- Junior Ch. Moldova

Jan-Shars A Rising Star -CW, CAC, CACIB



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